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Learning About Recycling Services

Hello, I am Jolene Bonnell. I am going to use my site to discuss all of the techniques and tools you can use to recycle waste. There are a number of recycling programs in each community. You can recycle your electronics, scrap metal, cardboard and textiles if you know where to find your local drop off points. Some communities even provide food waste recycling services that turn old food into compost. I hope you can use the information on my site to increase the amount of waste you recycle at the proper venues. Thanks for visiting. I hope to see you again soon.

Learning About Recycling Services

How To Clean Your Large Waste Bins Without Getting Completely Grossed Out

Nelli Joki

Scrubbing out the waste bin is probably one of the least enjoyable chores you can think of -- right up there with scrubbing toilets and washing baby diapers! The stench of a dirty trash can can really turn your stomach, as can visualizing the buildup in the bottom of the bin. If you go about it in the right way, however, you can clean those trash cans with a lot less unpleasantness. Here's how:

Step 1: Pour in a gallon of bleach.

Do this outside in the yard. Stand back from the container so you're not inhaling the scent. Stretch out your arm, and pour in a whole gallon of bleach. Make sure you turn your head to the side, in case some of it splashes.

Step 2: Fill the bin with water.

Run a garden hose to the waste bin, and put it down inside. Make sure you push it deep enough into the container that it will not come flying out when you turn on the water. Turn on the water, and let it run until the container is filled. Keep a close eye on it -- you don't want it to overflow, or your bleach water may become too diluted to work.

Step 3: Let the garbage can sit.

Leave the can alone in your yard for a couple of days. One day is okay if you're in a rush, but 2 or 3 days is even better. This serves two purposes. First, it gives the bleach plenty of time to kill the bacteria in the bin. The bacteria are what cause the nasty odors, so if you make sure they're well gone before you empty the bin, you won't have to suffer through the awful smell. Second, this gives the bleach time to evaporate out of the water, so you're not causing so much harm to the environment when you dump your garbage can full of water.

Step 4: Dump the garbage.

Wear clothes you don't mind getting dirty, in case you get splashed. Bail out a few buckets of water from the top first, so the water does not splash so much, and then turn the bin on its side, so the water flows out.

Step 5: Scrub and rinse.

Your garbage can is mostly clean at this point. However, you can remove any lingering grime by reaching down in there with an old floor broom and giving the sides a good scrub. Scrubbing with a broom lets you stand back a lot more than scrubbing with brush.

Give the garbage can one final rinse with the hose, and step back to admire your work. That wasn't so bad, was it? If the idea of cleaning bins still bothers you, consider renting bins instead of purchasing. Contact a local company, like BIZ Mechanical Complete Waste Services storage bin rentals, for more information.