Learning About Recycling Services
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Learning About Recycling Services

Hello, I am Jolene Bonnell. I am going to use my site to discuss all of the techniques and tools you can use to recycle waste. There are a number of recycling programs in each community. You can recycle your electronics, scrap metal, cardboard and textiles if you know where to find your local drop off points. Some communities even provide food waste recycling services that turn old food into compost. I hope you can use the information on my site to increase the amount of waste you recycle at the proper venues. Thanks for visiting. I hope to see you again soon.

Learning About Recycling Services

How Recycling Scrap Metal Can Benefit Your And The Environment

Nelli Joki

Many different metals are part of everyday life all over the world, and recycling is starting to become more prevalent than ever. The benefits for recycling metals go far beyond getting your nickel back on every soda can, though making some money on scrap metal is motivating, and money can be a benefit when companies and individuals recycle metals that are no longer in use.

Recycling to Reduce the Impact on Resources

In the US, about sixty percent of the steel produced uses some amount of recycled material in the manufacturing process. Adding recyclable steel into the process reduces the need for raw or in the new metal and the steel producer can use fewer resources, extending the time ore will be available to us. The steel industry is not the only industry that can take advantage of this. 

Many other producers rely on minerals and materials that must be mined to produce the metals we use every day. Copper, aluminum, and many alloys are made up of base minerals and raw ingredients that are not in unlimited supply, so using discarded metal to add to the process can make a significant difference over time.

How to Recycle

Recycling materials are not overly complicated, and there are scrap metal yards or businesses that are happy to take your scrap materials. A lot of these businesses will pay you for the metal as well, so recycling can be profitable for you.

The scrapyard will take the material and then sort it into grades of metal and separate anything that should not be mixed in. For instance, you would not want to have a larger percentage of steel in a pile of aluminum that was going to be made into aluminum cans or some other product. If you sort your metals out before bringing them into the scrapyard, the scrap dealer will often pay more for it because they do not have to take the time to sort it. 

Commercial Recycling

For commercial producers, scrap metal that is a result of the manufacturing process can also be recycled. In many cases, the scrap yard can provide a container for you to fill with your product and then pick up the material when you have a full load. The yard will not need to sort it if you have different containers for different metals, and the amount of profit they make on each load can make it worth the effort to set up pickup services with a manufacturer. 

Negotiating with the scrapyard to pay for the material can bring some income to the company as well, so it can offer a small revenue stream that will help offset the cost of the material and reduce the waste at the same time.