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Learning About Recycling Services

Hello, I am Jolene Bonnell. I am going to use my site to discuss all of the techniques and tools you can use to recycle waste. There are a number of recycling programs in each community. You can recycle your electronics, scrap metal, cardboard and textiles if you know where to find your local drop off points. Some communities even provide food waste recycling services that turn old food into compost. I hope you can use the information on my site to increase the amount of waste you recycle at the proper venues. Thanks for visiting. I hope to see you again soon.

Learning About Recycling Services

How To Make The Most Money With Copper Scrap Recycling

Nelli Joki

Scrap metal recycling is not new, but in recent years there has been more interest in making money from copper scrap recycling. Along with copper, other materials like aluminum, brass, and tin have surged, making recycling the material profitable if you follow a few simple steps. 

Sort Your Scrap

One of the most essential parts of scrap metal recycling that will contribute to higher profits is sorting the material. Copper scrap that is clean, or does not have anything else mixed in with it, will net a higher price at the scrap yard than the same material mixed with other metals. 

Taking the time to sort out the different metals is often necessary if you are trying to maximize your profits and is not overly challenging. Copper scrap may be old wiring or plumbing materials, and taking the casing off the wire or cutting the solder joints out of pipes can make the copper more valuable.

You can then sell the mixed material separately but keeping the two materials separated is critical. Taking your clean copper scrap in one load and then taking the mixed materials on a different day will help ensure there is no confusion and help ensure the best price possible for the scrap metal.

Watch the Prices

Scrap metal prices change often, and copper scrap is no different. Before you take the scrap metal to the recycler, it is crucial to check the current sale price for the material to ensure you get the best price. If the price is steady over several days of a week, you may not want to wait to sell your scrap, but if the price has been low, waiting to sell might be the best option. 

Save your copper scrap, aluminum scrap, and other materials until the prices start to climb, and when the price is right, you may have a surplus of material to sell that will net you a good payday. If you do not have a place to store a large amount of scrap, this can be more challenging, but if you can stockpile material, it is often the best way to make the work pay off in the long run. 

Scrap Sources

Finding a source for copper scrap or other recyclable metals can be challenging. Sometimes gathering scrap metal from construction dumpsters or businesses throwing it away is okay, but check with them first. 

Demolition contractors may also work with you and allow you to gather material from their job sites before they tear down a building in exchange for part of the profits. There are many places you can find scrap metal, but it is essential to check with someone before you take it. If a business is planning on recycling the scrap and you take it, they may get upset and could even call the police, and no amount of scrap metal is worth that.