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Learning About Recycling Services

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Learning About Recycling Services

Scrap Metal Recycling Services: 5 Residential Appliances To Recycle

Nelli Joki

Reducing your carbon footprint and helping the planet can be done in many ways. One of the easiest is to recycle residential appliances. Recycling scrap metal from your household appliances is not only good for the environment, but it can also be a source of income. With scrap metal recycling services, you can easily make money by recycling your unwanted and broken appliances. Here are five residential appliances you can easily recycle for cash:


Your old refrigerator is likely filled with valuable metals that can be recycled for cash. The cooling coils, compressors, and other metal parts have the potential to yield a decent amount of money. Consult a local scrap metal recycling service provider to determine if they accept refrigerators and what the fridge's accepted condition is. If accepted, you can recycle your refrigerator for some cash.


Stovetops and ovens can be recycled for scrap metal. The metal parts of the stove including the racks, timers, and igniters may contain valuable metals. For instance, the timer usually contains brass, copper, and other non-ferrous metals. To make money from stoves, you need to consult a scrap metal recycling service provider to determine what metals they accept.

Air Conditioners

Most air conditioners are made of copper and other non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, steel, and brass. The compressor, fan blades, wiring, and other metal parts of the air conditioner can be recycled for cash. Rather than throwing away your old air conditioner, contact a local scrap metal recycling service provider to determine if they accept air conditioners. 

Washing Machines

Your old washing machine may contain valuable metals such as copper, steel, and aluminum. Most washing machines have metal parts such as drums, motors, and pumps. Depending on the condition of your washing machine, you may get a decent amount of cash through scrap metal recycling.

Water Heaters

Water heaters are often filled with copper, aluminum, and steel components. The tank, controls, pipes, and other metal parts can be valuable when recycled. Homeowners can get a substantial amount of money for their water heaters if they take them to the right scrap metal recycling service provider.

Recycling residential appliances is an easy and profitable way to reduce your carbon footprint. With scrap metal recycling services, you can make money by recycling these five residential appliances. Consult your local scrap metal recycling service provider for information about their accepted conditions and metals before you attempt to recycle any of these items.